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We have dedicated our efforts at AForce to supporting the young generation of makers by collaborating with the University of Westminster to sponsor two final year students in the completion of their collection.

The idea is to encourage designers to engage in more sustainable manufacturing and develop a long-lasting relationship with future designers.
Supporting students is vital to enable them to fully engage in their projects. AForce London is supporting students from the Royal College of Art by sponsoring their two final year students in the completion of their collections.

Furthermore, AForce London has enabled students to come to the venue to design and produce a piece of Art, garment or accessory from over volume leather to promote sustainability and charitable causes.
The young generations of makers are the future of the Fashion Industry therefore, recognising the need for support for Fashion and Accessories students will enable them to better engage in the creation process. AForce London is collaborating with Ravensbourne University to sponsor 2 final year students in the development of their final collection.

Moreover, we are donating 600 sq ft of leather overproduction within 6 months to the University to enable all students to incorporate leather in their designs and cherish the deeply rooted heritage of the leather industry.
Giving back to society has always been the core mission of AForce London. Partnering with The Royal Academy of Dance enabled us to support the organisations with Academy’s Capital Campaign by providing a donation for the development of a new Studio Theatre.

We are proud to be a part of helping such an excellent cause.